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Growing up in the metro Detroit area, I swore at a very young age I’d run as far away from the Midwest as possible – I had pictures of NYC hanging in my locker in middle school and had already scoped out lofts in the West Village. I planned it all.

After dreams of journalism at NYU were halted by the reality of student loans and sure and sudden homesickness on a campus tour, my college years took me to the west coast of Michigan, where my suppressed love affair with all things Midwest slowly began to emerge. I experienced the explosion of the “choose local,” “farm to table,” “craft everything” scene and became completely smitten with and inspired by a region of makers and creators – a region I had sworn off so long ago. Dreams changed into something much simpler. I lived and loved in the moment. I married the love of my life (a Wisconsinite), and work brought us from Grand Rapids to Chicago – where my dream of living in a loft became a reality in the “Third Coast” rather than the East Coast.

Over the next few years, life began to move faster than I could have imagined and stress slowly replaced inspiration and the need to create. Until one night at sunset on our little loft balcony. I heard the laughter, the clinking glasses (at times, the breaking glasses), the conversations ranging from the deep to the meaningless – the chatter. I watched day dissolve into dusk, and the night absorb the day. I knew I needed to disconnect and not only savor, but fully immerse myself in these simple, everyday moments – the moments that are so easily missed by our “go, go, go” culture. I had lost my inspiration, and it was from this little balcony I regained it and decided to pursue the love, passion, creativity and beauty that lies within these  moments, to live minimally, experientially, spiritually and wholly. Quite frankly, the simple life. Slow living.

After five years in Chicago, our Midwest adventure took us to another little loft in Madison, Wisconsin, and then back to Chicago once again where we hope to keep our feet firmly planted, thriving and growing in simplicity amongst the chaos. This blog is my balcony. My creative outlet. Join me in the chatter.


Lindsay is a freelance event planner and designer with over ten years experience planning parties of all sorts and sizes. She is a lover of the midwest, small urban spaces, local foods, mod (mostly monochrome) minimalist design, pizza, up-north Michigan vacations, cooking everything,  jeans and crisp t’s, and last but not least, living the simple life in the city with her husband, Andy and cat, Oliver.

 for inquiries, collaboration projects and/or other various revelry.

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