mad for monochrome: bedroom edition

An all white bedroom has been a dream of mine for ages. So ethereal, pure, clean, simple, comforting and cozy.  When I saw our new bedroom, complete with a perfect bay window bed nook floating in the trees, I knew it was finally time. Cue slow motion jump into a fort of marshmallow comforters and down pillows while the sun pours in just so.

First things first. The room was painter’s cream again. Is it yellow? Is it green? It’s lunch room gravy. Nobody likes it, but they put in on everything. Out with the old. I painted the room in one of Behr’s brightest whites – Frost. It’s completely absent of color, and created contrast with the dark floors and heavy trim.

All white cozy bedroom | balcony chatter

We didn’t think our king size bed would fit in the nook. It didn’t on a box spring or bed frame, so on the floor she went. Yet, there’s something very cozy about that. Something romantic. It also worked aesthetically since the height of the mattress met with the bottom of the window. When the curtains are pulled, it’s as if we have a floor-to-ceiling headboard of luxe faux velvet (because 118″ curtain panels do not come cheap, thank you, Ikea).  My oversized frames were just leaning against the wall waiting to go up, but then I loved them there. Much more relaxed, a little undone, a little perfectly not-perfect. Fun fact: I started taking a picture of every place we’ve lived in and started framing them.

All white cozy bedroom | west elm organic sateen sheet set | balcony chatter

My linens are from West Elm. I highly recommend their Organic Sateen Sheet Set. They are affordable, organic, and feel like the Four Seasons. They wrinkle because they are 100% cotton, but a quick ironing takes care of that. I mixed in different shades of white for the sheets, duvet and blankets ranging from cream, to stone, to bright white.

Our bedroom is tiny. Like I said here, when working in a small space, you have to make dual-use purchases for your furniture and accessories. This acrylic bed tray from CB2 has been a lifesaver. I use it as a bed tray, a side table, extra “desk” space for my “office” (see below), a dressing table and at the foot of our bed to rest the covers on when we aren’t using the duvet.

bedroom styling | balcony chatter

I accessorized with soft grays, more glass/acrylic and subtle patterns and textures.

dresser accessories | balcony chatter

Oh, and fresh flowers. Always fresh flowers.

I hang a laundry bag from our door to keep the floor space open. Filthy animals.

bedroom details

The bedroom is also my office. We also watch movies in bed. I keep my office chair out in the living room at night for sake of floor space. The desk is not actually a desk, but a tiny kitchen table. It is  expandable and can act as a leaf paired with our kitchen table for those rare occasions we have 8+ guests over for a fancy seated meal.

all white workspace | balcony chatter

And then there’s Oliver. The bed is his most favorite spot. He loves our duvet so much, I purchased a Euro Sham from the same set, stuffed it, and turned it into his bed in the living room. Spoiled. Rotten.

All white cozy bedroom | balcony chatter

I can’t blame him.

“So I start a revolution from my bed.”

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