I first heard about #the100dayproject a couple months ago from a dear friend who put me up to the challenge. 100 days of making. The hardest part? Showing up each day. Months ago I said, “I want to learn calligraphy! I want to dabble in hand lettering!” I’ve always adored looking at lettering. I took a few art classes in college where I fell in love with typography, and I worked at a wedding invitation studio years ago and fell in love with calligraphy. Why not try creating lettering? Boom. The easy part.

I knew what I wanted to do for a 100 days, but in the past couple months I spent very little time deciding how I was going to do it. So, here I am day 1, scrambling to figure out a methodology. Procrastinator extraordinaire! I still don’t know exactly what approach I’m taking to this project. I’m going to let it grow organically – and I think that’s part of the project. Just keep doing the same action. Develop a process. Create.


I have a couple calligraphy nibs and ink on the way, so in the meantime, I just wrote. Completely free hand. No goal in mind, just seeing what would happen. I squiggled and doodled with Pigma Micron pens to get a feel for strokes and paper weight and simply said “hello” to this stranger. That’s all you can do, right? People spend years and years developing a relationship with this craft; I’m just saying “hello” for now – maybe we’ll become close in the future.


I’ll be using the hashtag #100daysofhello to share my little creative journey on Instagram. I’m not going to post everyday (that could become #100daysofannoying), but will definitely post something once a week! Here goes nothing!

And yes, I drew a snail. She was the last thing I penned today.

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