cabin dreamin

“All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey (and the sky is grey)…I’ve been for a walk on a winters’ day.” Except, the problem today is I can’t even go outside for a walk to be California Dreamin. Today if I go outside it hurts to breathe. Today if I go outside I must first layer long underwear under my jeans, flannel under fleece under down, woolen socks under very utilitarian non-fashion snow boots (yeah, those ones) then zip up, hat, scarf, then gloves, then go. That’s way too much effort for a walk on a winters’ day.

This is an indoors kinda day. And I’m not California Dreamin. I’m cabin dreamin. You see, there is something undeniably romantic (and idealistic, I’m aware) about observing the climate extremes from a cozy dwelling.

If you weren’t aware, Andy and I recently re-fell in love with Northern Michigan and all things midwest. Our recent trip left us longing for a little cabin in the woods. And I mean little. I grew up visiting a cabin in northern Michigan that couldn’t have been more than 900 sq ft. You walk in, tiny bathroom to your right, two closet sized bedrooms to your left, hallway leading to open living room + kitchen. A wall of windows with completely unobstructed views of Lake Michigan. Stone fireplace. Knotty pine walls and built in cabinets, vaulted ceilings, concrete (sandy) floors. In all truthfulness, at the time it felt like a hole.

The old cottage - interior. Retro! Old cottage - exterior

But a hole in the woods is better than no hole at all. And this hole had all the makings of a modern, minimalist, mid-century cabin in the woods. This cabin no longer exists, but I would love to re-create it in minimalist glory.

Cabin must-haves: the A-Frame ceiling, exposed beams, pine walls, a fireplace and oh-so-many windows.

Loving the a-frame and big windows

The old cabin had a window seat that converted to a bed, much like the one pictured above. I’d curl up here. All the time.

knotty pine walls - a must!sleeping loft

The cabin itself didn’t have a sleeping loft, but the old car port did. I wasn’t allowed to sleep out there. My actual only memory of it was finding a deer skull on the floor. And no, it wasn’t decor….

buffalo plaid carpet - yes!

I have vivid memories of the plaid quilts and blankets at the cabin – I adore this plaid runner. We’ll make it a maybe must-have.

An open, airy rustic kitchen is a definite must.

minimalist kitchen with views of natureimg_4_1396248335_8db14ad970c789cf47bd54bbf13b003b

Architecturally interesting cabin-ness: must.

forest getaway cabincontainer cabinModern forest home with timber finishessimple modern farmhouse

OK…a serious maybe:

snowy sauna

I’d be simmering an all-day French stew in a Dutch Oven with a glass of red wine, reading in between stirring. Completely sated. Yep, cabin dreamin on such a winters’ day…

Photo credits: Mom’s 70s pictures from storage, Scandinavian Retreat, Home Adore, ConfidentLiving, Design Boom, and Trendir. Click each pic to check out specs on all these cabin dreams.

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